About Us

HIPPEROS is an innovative solutions provider focusing on Intelligent Autonomy for embedded & real- time HPES to enable Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Sensors & Control. HIPPEROS innovations involve the combination of:

  • Performance,
  • Reliability,
  • Efficiency,
  • Security, and
  • Affordability

HIPPEROS helps companies go faster from algorithm to embedded product using its hard real-time multicore operating systems (RTOS) supporting hardware acceleration, middleware components, design tools and development methodology. HIPPEROS uses strict QC practices for certifiability. It can be applied in many domains such as:

  • UAVs & UGVs, Robotics, Aerospace, avionics & defense
  • Industrial automation, Instruments, Industry 4.0
  • Medical devices, Wearables and IoT

With its strong scientific and technological expertise, HIPPEROS helps industries create safe, reliable and powerful applications in less time and with less effort.

HIPPEROS Services & Core Competencies include:

  • Embedded & real-time software design and development
  • Computer vision, machine learning & control
  • Modeling, validation, simulation & optimization
  • Multiprocessor and multicore architectures, Low power platforms
  • Software security, reliability, quality, certification & compliance

HIPPEROS was incorporated as a spin-off of the PARTS Research Center of ULB, becoming the first company in Belgium dedicated exclusively to embedded & real-time parallel computing. HIPPEROS is a fully independent vendor. HIPPEROS has a strategic alliance with ULB and MangoGem. HIPPEROS is member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and its solutions are compatible with industry leaders such as Lauterbach, Rapita, ... and hardware provider Sundance Electronics Ltd. We are also members of EMVA, the European Machine Vision Alliance. HIPPEROS operates worldwide in all business sectors where its technology applies