Aria Stack

High-End Computer Vision, Robotics and AI for your project

ARIA is a fully integrated hard-real-time middleware and frameworks stack, bundled with a multicore and hardware accelerated board for rapid embedded system development.

Use our Aria Stack and focus on your expertise!

High Level Frameworks

The ARIA stack comes prepackaged with high-level frameworks to help you design your application. With these frameworks doing the heavy lifting, you only need to focus about what makes your application unique.

Computer Vision

High-level abstractions to see the world. Use our OpenCV-based framework to give eyes to your application. Use the integrated hardware acceleration features to see more and do more.

Advanced Robotics

Keep in touch with your environment using ROS to communicate with sensors and engine control.

Artificial Intelligence

We all learn from experience. So should your robots. ARIA integrates deep learning frameworks to prepare for the unpredictable.

A Powerful Engine

A modern application must not only be performant but also reliable. ARIA is built around a high-performance, low-latency core that never skips a beat.

The microkernel based Maestro operating system provides real-time performance on high-end multi-core embedded systems. It comes prepackaged with state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms to squeeze optimal performance out of the hardware.

Full Control

ARIA is designed with developers in mind. Bare-metal application developers will find their marks in no time. No more dealing with half a dozen configuration formats and build systems!

The integrated development environment runs in preconfigured containers. You are only a few minutes away from developing your application. Control precisely what runs on target using the innovative ARIA configuration system.

Dedicated Hardware

With all these features it would be a shame to be limited by the metal. A powerful multicore SoC brings life to your application. Optimize your applications using the integrated FPGA and our software/hardware design flow.

ARIA is built around the Xilinx Zynq® SoC that enables software/hardware co-design using the integrated FPGA block.

First Class Training and Support

ARIA is heavily documented. Our tutorials will guide you from start to finish.

Additionally, our experienced team will help you through the journey of developing your application.