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Introducing the ARIA Stack

We at HIPPEROS are excited to announce the immediate launch of the ARIA Stack.

The ARIA Stack is a fully integrated combination of a board, RTOS and libraries aimed at making your embedded development for computer vision, robotics and machine learning much faster, easier and efficient.


Save more power with HIPPEROS RTOS technology!

HIPPEROS presented results at the 24th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS) in 2016.

We published a paper named “Quantifying Energy Consumption for Practical Fork-Join Parallelism on an Embedded Real-Time Operating System”.

We showed that by using a power-aware parallel programming frameworks for the design of real-time embedded applications, the HIPPEROS RTOS allows system energy savings up to 30% compared to traditional, sequential approaches.
The resulting frameworks are part of the ARIA core.