Software Development

Be more efficient, reduce your time to market. Get help from the experts!

With more than 25 years of combined experience, our team is sure to help you face the challenges brought by the increasing complexity of embedded software systems.

Whether you use our products or not, our team of experts can help you to be more efficient, reduce your time to market and make your products more reliable.

Our services are divided in 3 poles: embedded software development, applicative software development and training.

Embedded Software Development

Developing modern embedded software requires a team of specialized engineers working together to develop stunning applications that you can rely on. Meet the HIPPEROS team: skilled software engineers with years of experience working together and now available for your products. 

We will help fast-track your development process and accompany you from design to production.

Our team has skills in the following domains:

  • Complex embedded software development
    Expertise in the development of a complete multi-core real-time operating system and tools.
  • Software optimization
    Ability to write assembly code to optimize critical code paths.
  • Device driver development
    We have experience developing drivers for our Maestro OS. We can develop yours!
  • Host-side development
    Python and bash scripting, years of experience using Linux as a development environment.
  • Embedded software productization and methodologies
    Knowledge of good practices regarding team organization, workflows, continuous integration, automated testing


  • C, C++
  • Assembly
    ARM 32/64bits, PowerPC, x86
  • Embedded Debugging
    Lauterbach Trace32, Rapita Verification Suite


  • ARM
    from small MCUs (ex: STM32 family)
    to high-end multicore SoCs (ex: Xilinx Zynq)
  • PowerPC64
  • x86

Applicative Software Development

Embedded software is usually one side of the coin. The other side is traditional applicative software running on desktops and servers. Our team is motivated to deliver user-friendly applications developed with the same quality standards that we apply to embedded software development.

Scripting Languages

  • Python
  • Bash

Development Tools

  • Container Technologies
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automated Testing

Development Methodologies

  • Agile
    Scrum, Kanban


We propose a training service to put your team up to speed with the latest standards in embedded software development quality.