The next-generation OS for high performance embedded systems

Maestro is a next-generation operating system for the most performant embedded hardware available today. Maestro is designed specifically for multi- and many-core processors and provides reliable parallelism to application developers.

Multi-core made easy

The need for more computing power is making the industry shift to multi-core architectures. The standard embedded development tools are not able to make use of this additional processing power.

Contrary to other OSes, Maestro is built from the ground up for parallel computing. Its original asymmetric architecture is able to manage complex multi-threaded applications in a predictable manner. While other OSes are stuck with latencies in the millisecond range, Maestro scales down to a few tens of microseconds.

Theoretical guarantees, Practical reliability

Maestro is based on a microkernel design that implements the latest algorithms and techniques imagined by the real-time research community. Advanced schedulers and resource management techniques enable high quality of service guarantees for heavy workloads. Need more reliability? Don’t worry, Maestro also implements the techniques that have been used in the avionics and automotive industries for the past 40 years.

A Familiar Environment

Maestro provides full language support for C and C++. Its POSIX-compliant API will feel familiar to most developers. Use the automated deployment environment to run code on the target hardware or in simulation without even having to think about it!

Pedal to the Metal

High-demand applications require more than just CPU time.
Maestro provides first class support for heterogenous architectures, including FPGAs. Design hardware accelerators and load them at run-time to optimise the heavy-duty parts of your application.

Ready for the industry

The philosophy behind the development of Maestro is completely aligned with new industrial standards such as Adaptive AUTOSAR. Develop connected high-performance applications that you can rely on.